Where do I start?
Let’s talk. During an initial consultation, we will interview you and your student, and then review any relevant records like report cards and previous assessments. Then together we will decide whether an assessment is appropriate or if we should refer you to another specialist.

My child’s school says nothing is wrong, but my gut instinct says there is. Can you help?
We specialize in families who are having difficulty getting information about their child’s learning needs. Some schools won’t evaluate children unless they’re failing. Others simply lack the resources or don’t know how. We can help you find the answers you need, and sometimes work with the school to help identify accommodations.

According to his teacher, my son is having trouble focusing in class and might have ADHD. I’m not convinced. Can you help us rule it out?
Your son’s teacher might be right, or they might be wrong. We can help you identify specific classroom behaviors that might be a problem. We’ll also review report cards and other documents, and talk about your observations at home. Then, if it seems warranted, we can refer you to other specialists for a formal diagnosis, or assess him for learning disabilities as a whole.

Can you help us update our child’s documentation so he can continue to get accommodations?
Absolutely. Just call us for an initial consultation so we can identify what’s missing or needs to be updated. If necessary we can proceed with assessment and testing, or refer you to other specialists if needed.

What ages do you work with?
We see school age kids from kindergarten through high school and adults, too.

What if my child doesn’t want to come in?
Some students aren’t all that excited to talk about problems in school. However, most who meet Dr. Dupuy feel comfortable with her. During the initial consultation, Dr. Dupuy will explain the testing process and how it will help them. She’ll also reassure them that they will get to see the results. It’s important to note that a student must be willing and interested to proceed with testing. If they don’t feel comfortable with Dr. Dupuy or the testing process, we can help you find another specialist who might be a better fit.