About Us

Our mission is to help students with learning disabilities and ADHD to attain their personal best. We believe that every student should understand and celebrate their strengths, and learn to use them to compensate for their weaknesses.

Dr. Cindy Dupuy

Dr. Cindy Dupuy, Ph.D., Learning Disabilities Specialist, Founder
Being both dyslexic and dysgraphic, Cindy brings real life experience to the diagnostic and intervention process. Cindy earned her Ph.D. in Learning Disabilities from Northwestern University, where she pursued her passion for helping students understand how their brains work, and how to take advantage of their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses. She has been in private practice in the Seattle area since 2001.

Dale Cook, Technology Consultant
Dale helps identify technology that a student can use to succeed at home or school. Whether it’s iPads, smart phones, apps, laptops, or software, he finds it and then teaches students how to use it.

Suanne Negata
Suanne has been part of the Explanations team since its early days. She welcomes children with snacks and smiles, and keeps our office humming. In her spare time, Suanne enjoys Pilates, knitting, and her wacky rescue dog Mackie.

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